Bristol Half Marathon training week 7

And another week of training done! This week as well was a bit tough motivation-wise but I managed to pull through!

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.08.36

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30min “body flexor” workout from the NTC app

Wednesday: Tempo 5K-ish run. My aim was to push my body and keep my pace at around 5.30K/min. My splits were 5’33 – 5’22 – 5’25 – 5’23 I am quite happy with those. The problem is that I have NO IDEA how I can maintain such speed for a longer distance.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Another speed session instead of the 45 min programmed run. 10min steady, 5x 1min faster with 1min normal pace, followed by 5 x 1min full speed and 1min walk or stand still.

Thank you to Charlie for getting me out there for this session and to my sister’s motivation playlist.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: I met up with Steph as part of her 32Km marathon training. I met her 10K in and ran 10K with her.


These new Nike capris were my leaving do present hehe.


There she is!

I am so proud of Steph, she is acing her marathon training and was definitely the one pacing me, not the opposite!


IMG_3897.JPGLater on in the afternoon I changed for some more lycra and went to Steph’s for afternoon tea. I sampled her AMAZING homemade cinnamon bun and granola bar. Afterwards, we went to a session of YIN yoga.



YIN yoga is all about relaxation and stretching. You hold each pose for about 5min and it is FANTASTIC. I felt so relieved from all mental and physical tensions after it and had an amazing good night sleep. I am definitely going to keep up with this and have already found a studio in Bristol that offers Yin yoga classes.


Have you tried YIN yoga before?


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