Bristol + Bath marathon: training update weeks 6, 7 and 8

Bristol to Bath marathon training run less run faster


I was pretty naïve thinking that I would maintain blogging regularly during this wedding period. I hope that you are liking the new blog design and hopefully posts will be a but more regular around here.

I have three weeks worth or training to recap. Don’t worry, this post will not be too long as most of my training has been non-existant (ha!).

Week 6

I was back in London during that week, finalizing some wedding prep and catching up with a lot of people. I kept up with the running but cross-training pretty much went out the window.

Monday: Nada

Tuesday: Intervals. That session was TOUGH. So much so that I wrote a post about it and how you should not beat yourself up when you have a tough training session.

Wednesday: Nothing although the massive clear out I had at home could almost count as cross training.

Thursday: I attempted a tempo run. My body was just not moving any faster. I tried to ignore the clock and stuck to the mileage recommended by my training plan. I followed this run by a long stretch and hamstring reset video from Jasyoga.

Friday: Foam rolling

Mile end parkrun victoria park marathon training

Amazing long run with Lissy. I hope that we can do it again soon xx

Saturday: Longest run to date, 24K, most of it in the lovely company of Lissy as we did Mile End parkrun together and she then cycled next to me as I kept running. I felt strong during the run and hit my target pace.

Sunday: Foam rolling.

Week 7

Monday: Eurostar to France. I foam rolled in the evening (I love my mini foam roller, it’s the 4th time that I take it with me while travelling)

Tuesday: Despite my best intention to wake up before everyone else and some wedding-related appointments, I turned by alarm right off when it rang at 6.30am (5.30am UK time!)

Wednesday: Attempt at an early start part 2. This time I managed to get up for my interval training session. I managed to hit my 600m repeats at the target pace. I was so happy and hyper during this run. I was fueled by my own progress as back a couple of months ago I was struggling to do these 3 intervals while I managed to do 8 that morning. It reinforces my post about not beating yourself up too soon if you have a bad run as so many factors come into account, including your hormonal profile.

Thursday: I was supposed to so a long run but had too many wedding duties in the end. Long runs are not easy for me to fit in when at my parents in France as I usually need to drive somewhere and well, the wedding was a priority. That being said, when there is a will there is a way, but as I have mentioned from the beginning of this training, this marathon has not been my priority.

Friday: a BarreAsana workout video via Pactster*. This 45min session was the perfect mix of yoga, barre work and balance. Exactly what I needed to calm my nerves before going to the registry office! You can find my favourite videos on Pactster via #Peachylau

Barre Asana yoga Sweaty Betty

I highly recommend doing yoga before getting married.

Saturday: Dancing the night away after our wedding ceremony. I partied until 6 am and got the biggest blister of my life! Even running never caused me such blisters.

Sunday: 30K run. Just kidding. I just recovered from the night before, ate loads of yummy food and had a chat with friends.

Week 8

Monday: Drive to Nice for our mini moon

Tuesday: we got some of the bikes available to rent in the city (the equivalent of the Boris bikes in London) and cycled over 11km. I used the hardest gear possible on my bike to try to make it a good workout. My quads were burning!

Wednesday: relaxing

Aston la Scala Nice rooftop swimming pool

Relaxing is my favourite part of marathon training…

Thursday: First run as a married lady! I managed to convince Lawrence to cycle next to me. I find pacing and tempo runs particularly difficult so decided to do an “out and back” run. I ran in one directly for 3.5km and the aim was to make it back to the start in the same time or faster. It was hard work but with the husband (hehe) next to me, I managed to push myself and make it back 1min faster. Looking back at my training, it was exactly what I needed to run and even a but faster. I am quite impressed with my body and need to keep remembering that rest isn’t always bad for you. Nevertheless I know that what really made the difference on this run was my mental state, which enabled me to push myself.

Friday: relax

At the time of writing this draft, I am in the Eurostar. Our train is late, we will be home past midnight and I have a lot of packing to do over the weekend before going back to Uni. To say that I do not want to do a long run (25.5K) is an understatement. Let’s see how it goes, I will report back.

Saturday and Sunday: I did not go running…I can find 50,000 excuses as to why but the reality is that that that big distance was scary and I did not want to spend a chunk of my weekend running. It was my last one with Lawrence before going back to Uni and spending so much of it running did not seem like a priority. I am on the train back to the South West now. With Uni starting again and the building of a new routine, hopefully training will come back into place.

How do you cope with marathon training during your holidays or major life events?

* l receive a small commission if you sign up to Pactster via my page. This does not change the fact that I absolutely love this platform to workout alone or with friends and that I use it very regularly in my training.


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