Bristol + Bath Marathon: Training update week 9

 Bristol to Bath marathon training plan


Wow, I am now more than half way through my training! This week has been tough. For the first time I felt the pressure of training. After my holidays and the erratic last three weeks of training, I found it very difficult to get back into the swing of things. All I could think of was “I am supposed to run x miles at x pace”. This completely inhibited me for some reasons and I avoided my runs like the plague. What I should have done really was just to let go of the plan and go for a run for fun, to spend time on my legs. I finally managed to do that on Thursday. Here is how my week went.

Monday: Morning Energiser Video on Pactster.* I love the workout video selection on Pactster. Of course there are less than on YouTube, but I sometime get too overwhelmed by the wide YouTube selection. I like that these have been curated for me. You can look for my favourite videos with the PeachyLau tag.

Tuesday and Wednesday: nothing. Totally avoiding my runs.

Thursday: I started by day with a yoga session that focussed on arm and abs on Pactster, once again. If you remember some of my May-June training milestones, then you know that two months ago I was able to do a push ups! I lost so much of my strength since, time to get it back.

In the evening, I decided that it was time to get back into running and stop avoiding the situation. What better way to do it than by joining a running club? I joined the Weston Athletic Club as I am going to be on hospital placement in Weston for a little while. What an amazing experience to run with a club. There are some very speedy runners in the bunch. Their shake out 5 mile run to take it easy due to the Bristol half marathon on Sunday was at the pace of one of my tempo run… I ended up running 12.5K and I am now ready to embrace running again and keep training.

run Nice promenade des Anglais

I did not take any pictures of my training this week so here is one of me in running in Nice.


Friday: I started my day with ANOTHER yoga session via Pactster, except that this time my friend Harry joined me. I love love love that Pactster allows me to workout with friends via the webcam feature. I had a good chat with Harry, whom I hadn’t seen since my wedding, and 15-20min later (oops) we thought that it was perhaps time to do our yoga session. We did Hamstring Heaven. We were both scared that it would be too intense but it was a really, really good video that I can only encourage fellow runners to do.

Saturday: I trained my stomach muscles by eating all the food in preparation for the Bristol Half marathon on Sunday. I am not sure why. I have done training run of that distance and longer and yet I would not necessarily eat more. It’s the word “race” that makes it seem so different while perhaps it should not be as I got on fine with all my long training runs.


Sunday: Bristol Half Marathon. My first intentions were to run 10K prior to this race in order to make it my longest training run. To date, it still remains my favourite half-marathon (read my recap from last year here) and it would have been great to get used to the route of the Bristol to Bath marathon that I am training for.

On Sunday morning, I really debated hard whether or not I should run the half marathon at all. I was clearly getting ill and sounded a bit chesty. I was not worried on the impact this could have on my race as I was not chasing any particular time. I was worried on how it would impact me for the rest of the week as I feel a responsibility of being well and fit to see patients at the hospital. After a close look at my timetable, I realised that this upcoming week was not the busiest. With that in mind and with the approval of my junior doctor friend Caz who was also racing, I decided to run the Bristol half marathon taking it easy and not run prior to the race. I completely understand why Sarah decided to not race her half ironman for professional reasons. I would have done the same if like her I was one of the junior doctor and not simply a medical student like I am now.

Anyway, this race will deserve it’s own post as despite the circumstances, I got an unexpected PB!!! Stay tuned for my recap.

What would make you DNS (Did Not Start) at a race? 

*I get a small commission if you register to Pactster via my ambassador link. As you can see from how often I use it as part of my training, this does not influence my opinion at all.


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