Bristol + Bath marathon: training update week 3

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Already 3 weeks of marathon training done, 12 weeks to go! Or at least I hope my body will cope and allow me to. I left you last week saying that my glute pain was gone but that the knee pain was starting. I basically get lateral knee pain when I start running. It goes away after a while… but unfortunately this only got worse. After a quick chat about my symptoms with a physio friend, it seems that the pain could originate from my ITB. I therefore need to work on that and will probably have a proper physio consult at the end of this week if things persist.

Here is how week 3 of training went.

Monday: I started my morning with a Pactster video with Steph where we tried a yoga + pilates fusion class. It was good to work on the core while getting a stretch.

At lunch time, I led a staff couch to 5K group and took it easy, alternating running and walking. 

In the evening, I did my tempo run paced by a super speedy friend and we nailed it. I am so thankful to Scott for pacing me, as giving him the reign of our pace and just having to follow/chat meant that I spent an extra run away from the time/pace stress zone. Plus it was absolutely disgusting horrible rainy English summer weather and I would probably have bailed if faced to do this run on my own. So thanks again Scott

english summer running marathon training

I look so incredulous because I couldn’t believe that I went there and own it in the rain.

Tuesday: Knee pain was present while walking…urgh. In the evening I was supposed to catch up with Charlie and do some yoga via Pactster but for once technology failed us.

Wednesday: I still went ahed with my mid-week 17.5K long run knowing that I would not run at the weekend (it’s all about being flexible with your training). The lovely Hill Killer Girl Lucy joined me. This is the second time we run together. Upon asking her what she was possible training for to accept to do such a long run on a Wednesday, she replied that she just wanted to be supportive and that I should have to do run alone!!! What a babe. It was amazing because as you can see from the picture below, I was not super motivated. I had done absolutely rubbish with my fuelling (having a mackerel salad for lunch and baguette with nutella later is not great pre-evening long run, trust me). We did 13.5K together and I finished the last 4 on my own. We went a bit slower than the target pace but this was not a problem as we never checked our watch, I am just happy to have covered the distance.

running motivation marathon training bristol + Bath

Not motivated at first… However I came home from my run with a big smile on!

Thursday: Foam rolling. Icing the knee…

Friday: I made the difficult decision to skip the interval training session. Once you have a plan, you just want to stick with it and it can seem scary to deviate from it. Considering that the pain goes away after running for a while, I was convinced that I could do the run. However, deep down, I knew that skipping that run was not going to affect my marathon training while doing it actually could push this baby injury to become something much more serious. I chose to listen to the voice of reason and skipped my interval training.

Saturday-Sunday: It was my hen do and I was spoiled with a very relaxing weekend and an afternoon at the spa. Well worth going through that long run on Wednesday!!

I am not going to lie, this week was a little set back and now puts me off running as I am paranoid that I might injure myself badly. I will keep listening to my body and shuffles runs around if need be. On the other hand, after 4 days of no training, I really feel like I want move around and be active. Perhaps I need to up my strength training to get stronger and prevent injury? Is this a sign that working out has become a habit and isn’t a chore anymore?

Do you feel that working out is a chore?


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