Bristol + Bath marathon: training update week 2

Bristol + Bath marathon trainingHi

It’s time for another recap of my training for the Bristol + Bath marathon. Spoiler alert, I am really enjoying the training so far. That being said, ask me in another two weeks, I might be saying something different.

Run less Run faster week 14 trainingI mentioned last week how I was starting to have some pain in my glutes and I was blaming it on the Bristolian hills. I think that’s not the only story. I am back sitting at an office to work on a research project and I think my posture was not great. Indeed, at some point during the week, my shoulder and back were also on lock down. I think that I have more or less sorted it now. Regarding my training, here is how it went.

Monday:  I have started doing a couch to 5K running course for staff members so did some alternative running/walking with them. I also had a good stretch session with the new runners and later on in the evening I did some serious foam rolling.

Tuesday: I started the day with a yoga workout and catch up with the lovely Steph via Pactster  followed by the “booty lock mitigation” video from Jasyoga. It really helped! 

In the evening, I met the Hill Killer Girls to attempt the tempo run described above.  We did not really follow the pace nor the distance but to be fair it was difficult enough as we were running off road and we were chatting! I know that tempo runs are important but I might do them only every other week or add an extra fun run sometimes as I want to keep having fun with my friends and not focused too much on time. And fun we had! We went to pick up Claire’s dog, Henry and then went to the pub! This is one of the first time that we socialise! haha we usually meet in the early morning hours, run and then just say goodbye!

Henry labradoodle dog running bristol

Every run should finish with cuddles from Henry! And check our colour coordination.

Wednesday:  I had planned on doing an arm workout from home in the morning but this was not possible as I found one of my housemate’s friend sleeping a night off in the living room…I did not have the courage to do it in the evening, which was probably best to give my glutes more rest.

marathon training treadmill

So dead after this treadmill session I can barely smile

Thursday:  I had the pleasure to do the speed workout describe above. I decided to do it on the treadmill to avoid setting off too quickly like last week. URGH. This is the first run where it hit me that I am marathon training as I would NEVER put myself through this otherwise. Surprisingly, the first and longest repeat went well. After that, my brain mental game was not on point. It was me vs the clock. It was more painful to see the clock going so slooooooooowly than having to run. I had to jump off the treadmill for a few seconds during the 1K, 800m, 600m and also increase the resting intervals. I could beat myself up for not managing the workout but I won’t, I have decided to embrace the difficulty to work on my mind on top of my legs and will be back on the treadmill for some training runs!

Friday: I started my day with another yoga video with Steph via Pactster followed by 2 x 15 min “bootylicious” barrecore videos. Oh my days, this was painful! I first heard about barrecore as a good cross-training for runners on Charlie’s blogShe is using it as part of her cross-training for the Chicago marathon and I can see why. I will doing it again. 

Home workout yoga barrecore

NO need for fancy equipment to get a good sweat at home!

Saturday: I decided to “eat the frog”and do my long run as soon as possible in the weekend to a) stop thinking about it b) avoiding to bail c) still have the feeling to have had a weekend.

I had such a nice run! I caught up with some podcasts and I enjoyed sunny London! It’s the second run I do with my new hydration backpack and I have to say, I really like it!

The route I mapped in my mind was bang on what I needed to run, I felt supper happy about that. I was supposed to run 6.13 min/ K but ended up averaging 6.06 min/K.

I am so glad to have done it then as it was absolutely pouring rain on saturday and I would not have been as brave as my friends Charlie and Lissy to face a long run in the rain!

And that’s a wrap! I didn’t realise that I trained so much this week! I am really loving the variety and I am feeling fairly strong during my runs. Except that now I have a slight knee pain, perhaps some compensations from the glutes? I am going to train hard again this week and then have a step down with 3 days off to rest.

*PR sample

Do you like running in the rain?



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