Bristol + Bath marathon: Training update week 10



I have now completed 10 weeks out of 15 of training. That means that taper is approaching and I cannot wait! I have definitely had tired legs this week, I must have pushed myself a bit too much during the Bristol half marathon. Mentally, I tend to procrastinate a lot before my runs, trying to avoid them but I eventually get stuck in, zone out and just push through. A couple of months ago, I wouldn’t even have dreamt on doing a long run on my own. I have mentioned how I wanted to train my mental strength as much as my legs during this training cycle and I believe that I am getting there. Grab a drink and a snack, this week’s recap is quite long.

Monday: Rest day. Legs felt heavy after the Bristol half marathon (race recap coming up next week) the day before. I really should have done some stretches or at least put my legs up the wall to help recovery.

Tuesday: Intervals. I am back on the treadmill as I am lucky to have access to the patient’s gym in the evenings. However, this was the oldest treadmill on Earth. It does not come up with paces but instead a speed in miles per hour. Urgh. After converting everything, I could get stuck into my workout.

Warn up drills, 1 K warm up, 1K in 4’44min, 2K in 9’48 min, and then 2x 1K in 4’44min with 400m slow jog in between each intervals, 1K cool down and stretches.

Man, I have no idea how I pushed through. I was a sweat mess by the end and even finished in my running bra.

interval training

yep, I have posted another unflattering pictures of myself on the internet. What can I say, I was there to train hard…

Wednesday: Rest. In the evening, I foam rolled for 10 min and then did the quad reset video from Jasyoga. It was very much needed.

Thursday: M. from my course asked if I wanted to go running with him and of course I said yes! For once that someone volunteers to come running with me and that I do not have to drag them 😉 Joke aside we had a super fun run. We found a trail and went exploring Weston-Super-Mare. We followed a sign that said “ancient monument” but we never found said monument. We did find a pile of rock at some point though, could this have been it?

trail run

He needs to practice his running selfie skills

trail run weston

See these clouds? Yeah we got rained on


Funny story, I tried to scare Matt in the woods (which absolutely didn’t work) and then immediately regretted it as I then spent the whole remaining of the run on my guards thinking that he would try to get back to me! He did say that he would not and he did not (#paranoid). We covered about 8km.


I then went to the gym with M. and C., another student from my course for an arm training session. Apart from a few bicep curls or the few weights exercises suggested by the Nike training app, I don’t do weights. It can be intimidating if you do not know what you are doing. All I can suggest is to find someone that knows something about it, be it a friend or a PT, to help get you started. I now completely understand why boys like to workout together: they are so supportive of each other! They were absolute legends guiding me through the workouts, giving me confidence to go for MUCH heavier weights then I had initially picked for myself, checking my form, some supports during the last few reps and giving words of encouragements. Absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to workout with them again. I can post my arm workout at a later date if you are interested? Beware; washing my hair was a painful exercise for 2 days post-workout. You WILL feel your triceps burn.

Friday: As last week, I had an early morning start with once again the Hamstring Heaven video on Pactster*. I did it again with Harry but this time Steph joined the party too? Did I mention to you that you can workout with 3 other friends? What are you waiting to join?


Saturday: I had arranged a while ago to do my long long run with Lissy, combining Mile End park run and then her cycling next to me like last time but I did not have it in me. Having my last long run on a Sunday slightly messed up my normal routine and running every other day is a bit too much for me so I took Saturday off.

Sunday: Time for the dreaded long run. 31K. The original plan was to do it last weekend by running 10K before the Bristol half marathon and have the crowd support to get me through it, but I felt too poorly to run more than 13.1 miles. I was therefore left to do it all alone on Sunday. Urgh. I asked Lissy for the route she mapped for last year’s long run and more or less followed it.

I cannot believe that I pushed through. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect to go out running…and all of London walking by the Thames. I should have gone running much much earlier, it was busy and I had to walk at times as I couldn’t overtake people. Like, what was I thinking going via Camden on a sunny Sunday afternoon ? #stupid  The only positive outcome of this route is that I walked past a fresh orange juice stall and treated myself to one. It was one of the best decisions ever, it felt so refreshing and hydrating and I got a good boost of energy from the natural sugars. I really wish someone could wait for me along the Bristol to Bath marathon route with some fresh orange juice now! Of course, I finished my long run with a nice lunch, going to Le Pain Quotidien to devour all their “Brunette” hazelnut paste. In total, I ran for 3h but stopped so many times between getting lost, lights, tourist, fuelling, that I was probably out there for 4h. Urgh, this marathon is going to take forever to run!

Le pain quotidien brunch


Le pain quotidien vegan brunch

I took the vegan option and it was delicious!

Right, I believe that this training recap is long enough. Your turn to tell me how your training is going!

Have you ever stopped mid run to get some orange juice? 

*I get a small commission if you sign up to Pactster using my ambassador link.

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