Bristol + Bath Marathon: A quick update


Just a quick update to let you know that I have completed the Bristol to Bath marathon today and got a PB (my other marathon being the Paris Marathon). 

I have now done lots of stretching, including the Jasyoga Full Body recovery video. I didn’t feel like eating much this evening (I expect full RUNger by tuesday) so I’ve just had half a bagel with some peanut butter and a TPW™ Recovery Protein Powder shake from in strawberry ‘n’ cream (so good). Ideally I wold have had it soon after finishing but I forgot to pack it. However I believe that my body will still benefit from the protein blend, high carbs, electrolyte blend and other goodies that can be fond in it. 

For more tips on how to recover after a long run, check out this blog post.

Thank you so much for following my weekly training (what will I blog about now?), your support and good wishes.

Many thanks to Steph for racing with me today. 

<3 Laureen

What is your post-marathon recovery routine

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