Breakfast ideas to keep you fuller longer.



One adjustment I had to make since starting this hospital placement has been to find breakfast options that keep me going all morning until lunch. It’s pretty embarrassing to be examining a patient with a rumbling stomach! Here are some of the breakfast options I have been having to keep me full.

Protein granola* from The Protein WorksTM (pictured above).

This granola contains soya protein isolate, very much like the product range from The Mediterranean Zone diet, which I really like and inspire myself from. I usually have a big bowl of full fat Greek yogurt topped up with this granola and it really dose the trick to keep me going from 7am to 1pm. Unlike other granolas, it is not very sweet so I usually add some vanilla extract to my Greek yogurt or use some vanilla yogurt. This product is not Gluten-free but I find that I am OK with 1 portion of gluten a day. 


Protein breakfast smoothie


I do love a breakfast smoothie in the morning. It’s such an easy way for me to make sure that I reach my 5 a day. My breakfast smoothies usually contain fruits, oats, Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, some whey protein (I absolutely love the taste of this one*), almond butter and then some milk/water to blend it all. I have recently been adding this Super Greens* blend. There are many superfoods out there, which I would regularly buy. This is so perfect to have them all in 1 blend. It includes polyphenols, which are again recommended by The Zone Mediterranean diet. 

Rye bread

The nutritional profile of the rye bread I get is pretty similar to the one of the sliced bread my husband gets. It has the advantage however of being gluten-free. I nevertheless find that rye bread keeps me fuller longer, perhaps because it has almost double the amount of fibres compared to some other sliced breads. I usually have it with some peanut butter or if I am feeling extra fancy, with an egg and some avocado. 

Porridge with whey protein


I have to admit that a bowl of warn porridge is very satisfying in the cold weather. Whenever I have some, I just automatically add a scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein*, some mixed spices or cinnamon and some sugar-free Golden syrup-flavoured Zero SyrupsTM*. This is calorie-free and is made of sucralose, a sweetener. For sure it doesn’t completely taste of Golden syrup and it has an artificial aftertaste, like all sweeteners do, but I do not mind it. Personally, I find that this breakfast combination keeps my energy steady and I do not get a massive sugar coma after my breakfast unlike when I load my porridge with real golden syrup. I have not done a literature review to back up whether or not this would indeed trigger a lower glycemic response than sugar but I can look more into it if you are interested, let me know in the comments. Nevertheless, I find this a tasty, calorie-free addition to my porridge or greek yogurt. 

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What do you have for breakfast to keep you going all morning?

This article contains some affiliated links to help a poor medical student get her caffeine intake. Products with a * were very kindly provided by The Protein WorksTM. All opinions are my own.


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