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Part of my knee rehab will consists of doing more yoga. I’ve mainly been doing yoga at home in the past couple of years. If you cannot get to studio, you might find the following options useful. 


FlexTV is the closest to going to a studio. You need to pre-book and then join in at the time indicated. The class is then live-streamed and you follow the class as you would in a studio. There is an impressive range of class offered, from Vinyasa Flow to Yin yoga. The workouts a throughout the day as the instructors can be in different time zones. The workouts ranges in duration too, so really you can only find something that you enjoy. Like a gym, FlexTV is not free and a monthly subscription start is £9.99. However, although I am focusing on yoga classes for this article, FlexTV offers a lot more workouts such as HIIT classes, Pilates etc. 


Youtube has the advantage of being free but it can be a little hit and miss and it used to take me ages to find a good video. My favourite videos are now those of Lesley Fightmaster, Steffy White and Adriene. I’m sure that there are many more great YouTube yoga channels out there but I tend to stick to these three. YouTube is more flexible than FlexTV as you do not need to pre-book or do it at a certain time, but then you are also more likely to bail on your workout as you do not have the same accountability as for FlexTV.

Yoga apps

Down dog is a really good app. You can easily choose different levels and sequence duration. The explanations are clear, there are pictures to check the poses as well as some relaxing music. If you are a long time reader, you know that I am a big fan of the  Nike+ Training Club app. There are a few short yoga or yoga-inspired workouts on that too. Phone apps are very convenient and can be transported anywhere, however the screen can sometimes be a bit too small to check what the pose is supposed to look like. One to try on the iPad maybe.  

Do you do yoga at home? If so, what’s your favourite class ?

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