Bath Half Marathon 2015 race recap

Bath Half marathon 2015 race recap


Today I ran the Bath Half Marathon… and I absolutely hated it. Before we go into the details as to why, I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for your support. My running mojo hasn’t been at its best during this training cycle, however I kept going and training hard and your support and word of encouragement today meant a lot.

♥  ♥  ♥ 

What I didn’t like about the Bath Half.

 Too congested. Too.freaking.congested. I cannot remember what predicted time I put, surely sub 2h as it was still my aim at the time of registration, but I found myself in one of the last starting pen. Personally, I did not find my pace at all during this race. Not using this as an excuse as some friends got some massive 20min PB on this course, it’s just a fact that I am a “sail and cruise” type of runner. This is why I LOVED the Bristol Half marathon (read my recap here), I had space.

Bath Half Marathon race report

I wish I could say it was the start but this was mile 4.

♠ It’s a loop. I didn’t look at the race details at all when signing up for the Bath Half Marathon and I did not realise that it was going to be a loop. I was very negative about it at first. Then I thought that it would be a good opportunity to try a negative split race strategy. Not using a watch, just on feel. My plan was to listen to a podcast for the first hour and then to speed up on the second lap and enjoy the various bands (I think there were 6) music. Didn’t happen due to F’congestion.

 It’s a 11am start. I don’t like late start. It makes it awkward fuelling-wise. I like eating a bit closer to the race start. The race didn’t start until 11am today while I had my breakfast at 7am.

♠ I didn’t have my people there. It’s rare that I don’t have my people in the crowd. I can’t blame them, I run a lot, it’s not always possible to come to every race.

♠ It’s still not getting easier. Training was hard because most of my runs had hills (hills everywhere in Bristol) or I run with people much faster than me. I kept going thinking that it would be worth it on race day, that the race would seem easier. It wasn’t. Running a half marathon still feels difficult. It’s frustrating. ♠ I was not 100%.  I woke up on Tuesday with a sore throat. I managed to shift that but had a runny nose this morning, which wasn’t optimal for breathing.

♥  ♥  ♥  

What I liked about the Bath Half

♥ I ran with friends I ran with StephJulie and LivWe had a great day out together and were joined by Claire and James for lunch at Yak Yeti Yak, a great Nepalese restaurant.

Yak Yeti Yak Bath

With Liv, Julie and Steph

I totally copied Lissy and ran this race with bright lipstick and glitters. #ThisGirlCan This girl can Bath Half Marathon

♥ I listened to Call Your Girlfriend. If you haven’t been listening to Call Your Girlfriend, get on board. Another discovery from Lissy. Check out her other podcasts suggestions.

♥ I made Lissy’s flapjacks! I followed her recipe but used Almond butter as I didn’t have any peanut butter and two bananas as I wanted to use up my second one.

Easy banana almond butter flapjack

♥ I can retire the F’ugly shoes. Finally! Leah reminded me this morning that I can finally retire this pair of shoes. I really hope that my next pair will be prettier.

♥ I can run lessThis month, I ran x 2.5 times more than I usually do for a half marathon training. In fact, I even ran more than in my last month of marathon training last year! And the results were the same…   I managed to run more because I am a student again and I had a flexible timetable. However, there were some times when I really, really didn’t want to go running but forced myself too. Next time I won’t. I still need to improve my flexible approach to training and I think that for me it doesn’t mean more running but more cross training. When is Boom cycle opening in Bristol?

♥ I don’t need a watch. I cannot even begin to imagine how much worst this race would have been had I been stressing about my time. I am very glad that I chose to run without one.

♥ I  him. And I thought a lot about it during the race.

Any bad race experience? If so, why?


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