End of summer back to school routine

It’s the end of the summer and  I am ready have to go back to school next week (click here for an accurate picture of how I am feeling).

back to school routine mental health anxiety

After suffering from very bad anxiety at the beginning of the year and receiving treatment for it, I feel more at peace. I’ve had the most relaxing summer I’ve had in years. I seriously cannot remember being so chilled out in a long time. 

There is no denying that med school is a trigger for my anxiety. The pressure will be on from next week. Between job application and our finals in early December, I have palpitations just writing this. 

I have decided to make the transition process smoother by easing back into a routine. Nothing dramatic, just adding little things that I know make me feel good. This things are much much easier to put into place then when I have full-blown anxiety. Here is what’s on my list:


Back to school routine

Prioritise sleep

I used my sleep routine last night and slept like baby. I then woke up naturally at 6h40. I am going to progressively try to get up at 6am by the end of the week. 


I can’t say that I have been very consistent with my exercise since May. I did keep up with yoga, one of my favourite MoveGB discovery, but I have not been doing any cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis. Let’s not even mention running! Thankfully, I am loving being back home in London lately and the running mojo seems to be back! I have already been 2 days in a row while before that I was only running once a month. 

Eating well

Sadly the whole “calories eaten on holidays don’t count” is not true. I have put on weight to the point that I couldn’t fit in any of my summer shorts and had to buy a new pair before going on holiday. Despite this, the main aim of eating well is not to lose weight. My mental health benefits from me eating well and not having massive sugar rushes. I am just going to start cooking from scratch more and go back to a more vegetarian diet as I feel better when I eat less meat than I currently do. 

Meditation, mindfulness and gratefulness 

These are three different things. I have not meditated in a while and I will start again using the Headspace and Calm apps. 

Mindfulness and being present in the moment has been a much easier process while on holiday. Expressing my daily gratefulness (especially on Instagram via the hashtag #mindfulmedstudent) has helped me to become more mindful. Indeed, I try to be more “present” in order to “look for the good” at the end of the day. I used Instagram to keep me accountable for the first 30 days. I did not feel the need to share it daily after that but I will start again for another 30 days as I know that I will be more fragile in the upcoming month. 


Here it is. Nothing too complicated. Feel free to help me stay accountable.

Do you have a back to school routine?




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