Anxiety, deadlines and letting go


I have now finished my psychiatry block. I really enjoyed it a lot and have developed an interest in mental health during the past couple of weeks. I really think that we should speak about mental health more. It is still a very stigmatised topic and yet it affects so many people. Monday 10/10 was the World Mental Health day. I really wanted to post something about it but ironically I was taking care of my own mental health that day by tackling the last bit of my psychiatry portfolio followed by a catching up with a dear friend. 

I already brought up the topic of mental health in my latest article and was really humbled by the response it got. A couple of you that know me in real life even told me that you forwarded this article to some of your friend and family. So perhaps this is something that I should talk about more? I am not claiming to be an expert but I’ve picked up a few things along the way from this psychiatry block, my own reading and my own coaching in order to get my head in the right space.  I  have come a long way compared to last academic year, which I found very stressful and left me riddled with anxiety. Partly the reason why I abandoned this blog and frankly did not have much motivation to run. Playing the super motivated runner girl would have been too hypocritical. But I am feeling better now, much less anxious, or at least I’ve become better at coping with my anxiety because I spent the summer reconstructing myself and putting some tools in place for this upcoming year. 

This evening, I am putting two of them into practice. 

  1. Learning to let go and that it is OK if things are not perfect. This article is quite spontaneous. I have not spent hours on it. It probably has more grammar/spelling mistakes than usual. It’s OK. 

      2. I’ve realised that I work well with deadlines. So tonight I gave myself a deadline to complete my work               and my reward would be to write a blog post. Well I am writing this so I am happy to report that I did               the studying that I had intended to you. Now my second deadline of the evening is to be in bed by 11pm,           leaving me 10min to finish this article. Again, the article will not be perfect but this deadline made me               write it at least! 

So if like me you are very anxious, can you perhaps let go a little bit?

If you are a procrastinator, can you find a way around it with a deadline/reward system?

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