A flexible approach to training for a race, by A Magpie in the Sky

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If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I am friends with the Ultra babe Steph. We met last year at the Paris marathon and I am so proud of how far her running has come to since. She is a very experienced runner and have been my reference point lately regarding training. As mentioned on Tuesday’s post, I am no longer chasing a PB for the Bath Half Marathon. After speaking with Steph, I have embarked on a more flexible approach with my training. It’s working for me so we thought we’d share Steph’s advice here, as it might work for you too.

After reading Laureen’s post about finding the right marathon training plan and seeing her previously try plans and them not work for her I had a chat with her about my way of doing things, a more flexible way of doing things.

It seems Laureen is not alone, I often see friends change plans, deliberate over Hal Higdon or Such and Such and generally feel uneasy about who they place their training in the hands of.

I saw someone tweet last week “thinking of switching from X training plan to Y training plan, what do people think?” my response was “Why not make your own hybrid” and that is what I bring you today:

STOP expecting someone else to give you the secret to that PB

DON’T put your faith solely in the hands of a stranger

TRUST that you know your body best

EMBRACE your life around running

BREAK the ‘conventional’ rules and wisdom

ENJOY your training or you won’t enjoy the big day.

I use training plans as a guide and I make them work for me. No one else is the same as me. No one else has my other interests, my schedule, my priorities and I suspect you are the same too.

Amagpie in the sky C2C ultra

Steph during the C2C 45 mile Ultra marathon. Read her thoughts on her training for it here

You have a big presentation coming up at work, you don’t expect someone to tell you how many times to practise, how long for, when to practise, where to practise or how fast to speak do you?

Yes. Get a training plan, but don’t be afraid to swap that long weekend because you have to go to a hen party, or that 5 miler for a 45 minute spin session  – DO IT.

Don’t be a slave to the plan guys and gals, make your plan work for you and go get that race and show it who is boss.

*NB this is just my personal opinion and something that has worked for me. I am not a run coach or professional.

Have  you been a slave to a training plan and found that it’s not worked for you? Have you been made to feel sad by not living up to the plan you hoped to follow?


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