{Sunday pamper} 4 Simple beauty product I love

Simple skincare kind to sensitive skin review


When it comes to my skincare routine, I have no problem in spending money. The way I see it, I have only one face and taking good care of it is an investment. I have always mixed high-end and high-street brands in my routine but have been paying closer attention to the latter since becoming a student again. I had completely underestimated the Simple brand while it’s actually a really great one at a very little cost. Here are my current 4 favourite products.

Simple Clear skin oil balancing moisturizer. Sadly, my favourite skin clarifying moisturizer of all time, the Noreva Actipur tinted moisturiser is not available in the UK. One day when I was about to run out, I payed closer attention to the  ingredients to try to find out an alternative available in the UK. I discovered that this Simple moisturiser contained phytosphingosine, the ingredient I suspected to give me such good results. I was right, this seems to be the key ingredients that helps me get clearer skin. It helps me clear blemishes after two days of using it and I can see how it has helped regulating my skin’s sebum production. I’d say that I have a “normal” skin now as opposed to “mixed” before. I know use it once a day or once every two days for maintenance and will buy it again with no hesitation.

Simple Kind to skin deep cleasing face mask. This clay-based facemask is perfect for a weekly deep cleanse. I love that it is so cheap and yet so efficient. I don’t know about you, but I don’t dare using expensive face masks as I overthink how much it costs and I feel it’s a waste if I only leave it on for 5min and not 30min, and I never have the time to leave it on for 30min! I think that more than the mask itself, it’s the fact that I use this one so regularly that helps me to see good results.

Simple Kind to skin moisturising facial wash. I am on my 3 rd tube of this one. It’s really kind to my skin and non-drying. I use it morning and evening. I particularly like the fact that it is available in most small shops, meaning that I can readily buy it when I run out. Again, the small price means that I can splurge in other areas of my “beauty routine”, notably for my toner and my haircare. The little bonus? The packaging is unisex and I’ve converted my other half to it. The fact that he doesn’t have his own facial wash means that there is more space for me to store my 50,000 products.

Simple Kind to skin soothing eye balm. I have sensitive skin in general but my eye area is particularly problematic. I am happy to say that this eye balm has not caused any irritation and perfectly does the job. I don’t think that it would be moisturising enough in the winter, but for now, it’s OK. I wish it could help with dark circles, sadly it doesn’t at all.

What are you favourite budget-friendly beauty products?


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