10 of my favourite things from Provence

10 of my favourite things from Provence


After 5 days in Provence, I am now back in London. It is nice to be back and to get into a routine. Indeed, after having no routine at all during exams and from being on holiday, I am craving a routine. Is it weird? I think it’s just a sign that I am turning into a granny but I love my little granny habits. Nevertheless I am missing a few things already.

10 of my favourite things from Provence

My family

Well that’s obvious. I feel very lucky to have my sister in London as we are incredibly close and I am loving the fact that we can be young adults together. You can feel for my sister, I am super annoying as I need aaaaaall her attention. 


The sunshine

Oh. my. days. I know that I am happier in the sun but really, it’s so freaking nice to feel the warm sunshine on your skin. So good for the soul. If you go to France, go to Provence for some guaranteed sunshine as the weather in Paris is similar to the one in London.

swimming pool Provence

Mum’s cooking

You might obviously think that I am biased but my mum will make anything taste super good. She is a genius when it comes to using spices and even a simple omelette tastes better than a normal omelette. Plus she is super nice and greeted us with this awesome salad when we came back from our run. 


Fresh fruits and vegs

Driving back home one evening we passed by an organic evening market and Lawrence and I went W.I.L.D. I think that we bought something from every local producer there. I often struggle to eat my daily 5 portions of fruits and veg here in the UK (a recurrent theme on the blog) but there it’s no a problem! I can reach 9-10 a day! 

Organic market Provence

organice fruits and vegetables Provence

Off-road running 

It’s nice to be running off the roads, certainly softer on the knees and without exhaust pipes fumes. For some reasons I have never been attracted to trail running here as I imagine it as being all mud and rain but perhaps I should look more into it. 

Off road running Provence


I think that the photo will speak for itself. 

Croissant France Provence

Looking at the stars

Where my parents live, it’s amazing how in the evenings you can clearly see the stars


Shutters are such a brilliant thing, I really do not understand why they are not adopted here. In the summer, they are perfect to keep the house cool and sleep in pitch black dark and in the winter they prevent heat loss!! So architects in the UK, when will you start to put shutters on windows? And make more female toilet than male while you are at it?


It’s so nice to drive with the windows opened while listening to some music. The scenery is very enjoyable and it’s like taking a mini road trip each time. Note that I said driving and that I completely exclude parking from the equation. If you want to test your marriage, try parking one evening in Marseille the night of the English team playing the Euro. haha.

driving Provence rayban

The lavender fields

I could not finish this list without including the lavender. I just love lavender. I’ve during exam period I used to put a lavender mist on my pillow before going to bed and it had such a calming effect! When I was running in Provence the other week a lady in her car stopped me to ask me where were the lavender fields. They are everywhere!! haha! Time to remove the sunglasses maybe? haha. 

So now you know a few of my favourite things from where I come from, what is your favourite thing from where YOU come from?

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